Holistic, Organic, Gluten-Free, and Dietary Restrictive Cuisine


New Orleans’ Culinary Ambassador

Chef Gary Netter is a New Orleans native and an alumnus of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) where he studied classical music. Netter was taught to read music in elementary school and begin playing instruments such as the violin, piano and trumpet. He’s played alongside of Wynton Marsalis, and other local musicians. Netter was awarded a music scholarship to Southern University but decided to pursue his passions for cooking. His love for cooking was ignited at young age. Netter would eagerly wait to taste the flavor medleys of his mother’s (Elnora Netter) homemade dishes. The awe of her ability to combine ingredients to make select recipes sparked a flame within him.


Netter has studied at Delgado Culinary Arts Program and after Hurricane Katrina, he attended Houston Culinary (HCC) Art Programs to continue his education. He is also member of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) where he works with international chefs and companies throughout the United States. Netter has amassed well over 20 years of hands-on experience in the food industry. Netter’s culinary career boasts the prestigious honor of cooking for former United States Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton. Chef Netter has gained experience working in some of New Orleans finest restaurants such as Commander’s Palace, Palace Café Nola, Emeril’s Restaurant, Muriel’s Jackson Square, and G.W. Finns just to name of few. He’s worked with chefs like Paul Prudhomme, John Folse, Dickie Brennan, Jamie Shannon, Emeril Lagasse, Charlie Trotter, Leah Chase, Poppy Tucker and Norman Van Akin. Their guidance has taught him to play close attention to detail and inspired him to strive for excellence in growing his culinary craft.

Mission, Purpose, Commitment.

I, Chef Gary Netter, mission and purpose as the Culinary Ambassador for the city of New Orleans is to promote and improve cultural diversity, equity, inclusion, and health & wellness citywide in the hospitality industry. In this position, I strive to be a highly accomplished and result-oriented professional of integrity.

As the Culinary Ambassador for the City of New Orleans, I will continue my work which includes innovative conceptualization and partnership. I plan to develop a holistic and deliberate strategy to increase workforce diversity in the hospitality industry. Implementing cultural diversity often encourages creativity and innovation.

Partnering with local, national, and international experts can decrease the high statistics of chronic diseases and combat the issues of inequity plaguing our community. We will create a platform of knowledge by providing lessons on how the environment and economy play important roles in the development of health and wellness. My goals include helping to expand existing businesses, creating new business opportunities for the disenfranchised, food manufacturing, and instructional spaces for teaching & learning.

Together we can create a healthier New Orleans, without losing any flavor and culture. This partnership with the City of New Orleans has been formed to help bridge our culinary & hospitality industry. We are a City of Yes!

With Appreciation,


Executive Chef Gary Netter
Culinary Ambassador for the City of New Orleans

Chef Gary Netter

Chef Gary Netter

Chef Netter with Chef Emeril Lagasse and Chef David Slater

Chef Netter with Chef Emeril Lagasse and Chef David Slater

Chef Gary with Mayor LaToya Cantrell

Chef Gary with Mayor LaToya Cantrell

Clients & Community Partners

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